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The Bravo Society of Wilmington Music Festival

WMF’s Bravo Society is a legacy giving program formed to help secure the artistic and financial strength of the Festival over the coming decades.  

The names and legacies of great composers and great performing artists live on far beyond their deaths. So do the names of the sponsors of great music – the people whose generosity over the centuries has made it possible for great composers to create and great performers to keep alive music the public never tires of hearing. 

When you plan your financial future, please consider including an on-going gift to insure that Wilmington Music Festival can continue to offer great music of all types and genres to the Wilmington community for generations to come. 


And by including Wilmington Music Festival in your estate plan, you may obtain significant income and estate tax advantages—or perhaps even increase your present annual income. 

Perhaps most important, your name will live on as a supporter of great music and the cultural life of your hometown.  

Here are the ways to leave a Legacy of on-going support for WMF and its great services to the Wilmington community: 

  • Bequests or gifts made in a will or living trust

  • Retirement accounts, such as an IRA, a 401(k), or other tax-deferred account

  • Life income gifts, which can increase your income, give you an income-tax charitable deduction for a portion of your gift, eliminate capital-gains taxes if you make your gift with appreciated securities, and also reduce estate taxes

  • Charitable lead trusts, with which income is paid to Wilmington Music Festival during the term of the trust, after which the assets are transferred back to you or to your heirs

  • Real estate, either as an outright gift or as a personal residence with retained life estate so that you or your spouse can continue to use your home throughout your lifetimes

  • Life insurance, with which you can make a gift of the policy to Wilmington Music Festival

  • Tangible personal property, such as musical instruments, antiques, or works of art

Contact us to learn more about these opportunities or to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities:

Nikoleta Rallis, President


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