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Ensure that your company leverages the power of what Wilmington Music Festival will mean to music lovers of Wilmington and to visitors to our city from all over the United States. WMF stands for excellence, beauty, and innovation – all reflecting the character, reputation and tradition of Wilmington and its environs. 



Sponsorship of WMF and its events will offer opportunities for exposure of your products and services to a wider public – including local music lovers who would look favorably on businesses that support quality musical events in their community and out-of-town visitors to WMF events who might not otherwise learn about what your business has to offer. 

And we guarantee a quality of excellence in all of our activities which will make you proud to have your business associated with WMF as we continue to develop loyal and passionate audiences in the most beautiful of musical settings – Wilmington, NC!

Additional exclusive benefits WMF can offer to corporate donors, based on the amount of support, may include:

A special events service provided by the WMF for its Corporate Donors.

WMF can secure and organize first-class musical entertainment for your corporation’s special events, including concerts, luncheons, fundraising activities, awards dinners, cocktail parties and more. We can tailor the music to your needs and tastes – anything from classical music to country and western. We will make your events sound like Success!

Recognition of Your Business and its Products and Services

WMF can offer wide-ranging creative branding and marketing opportunities - from attention-grabbing pages in our programs and other printed materials to banners and posters praising your company’s sponsorship and informing the public about your business and what it offers. And we are open to collaboration with you about other exciting possibilities to get your name prominently before our public – which then becomes your public, too.

Executive and Employee Benefits

All executives and employees at your organization will receive 20% discounts on tickets to all WMF events. A variety of additional perks are possible to promote season-long engagement with all members of your team.

Community Impact

Enhance your corporate image as a community sponsor actively involved with the welfare of its citizens and your neighbors by aligning your organization with the Festival’s commitment to music education and social impact programs in the community which affect students, teachers, families, young musicians, and audience members of all ages.

Education and Outreach Program Sponsorship

Your image as community sponsors can be further enhanced by directly sponsoring WMF’s Emerging Artists Program or its Outreach Program. Both projects are currently serving children, students and the elderly in all communities of the Greater Wilmington area. 

Performance Sponsorship

For your clients, your staff and the general public, you can sponsor your own specially tailored evening of classical, jazz, or ethnic music (including country or R&B) provided by Wilmington Music Festival at one of the splendid performance venues in our city. Such sponsorship would present unique and impressive branding and hospitality opportunities to enhance your organization’s image in the community and with out-of-town guests.

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